Me meeting Corbyn

I am pleased to announce that I am creating & launching a Jeremy Corbyn Toby Jug, that is supporting my university tuition debt and supporting the Jo Cox Foundation

My name is Alexander, 19, I am a student at King’s College London University studying Geography from Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Since the age of 12, I have been interested in politics getting first involved in the Labour Leadership contest where Ed Miliband became the Labour Party Leader. Since then I have worked closely within the Labour Party, doing work in the Houses of Parliament for both Karl Turner MP & Nic Dakin MP.

It is true Corbyn has inspired a generation of young people like myself. So having decided to start a project that commemorates this achievement by creating a joint commission with Stoke Art Pottery to create a completely British handcrafted and hand painted Jug, combining my interest in antiques and politics.

The jug is being created by Bairstow Pottery, situated in heart of The Potteries in Stoke. The Jug is British Handmade and Painted and designed by leading designer Ray Noble. The jug has been carefully designed to look as closely as possible to Jeremy Corbyn. The open edition jug will be sold at £32.95 which is a well justified price due to the craftsmanship which is being put into it, alongside this will be two collectible jugs of 500 (only 500 every to be produced) that will be priced at £36.95.

It is my intention to promote the Jo Cox foundation and donate a portion of the profits towards the work they’re doing. As Jo Cox’s ideals should always be remembered within a liberal democracy and this is why I am so passionate about doing what I can to help the foundation. The foundation exists to guide people towards making communities stronger and fighting the injustice and intolerance that can be seen in the 21st century and is unfortunately on the rise again.

For more information please contact me at alexander@corbynjug.co.uk