alex sobel with auction winner

Alex Sobel MP and Corbyn Jug Auction

A Limited Edition Brown Jacket and Red Tie Corbyn Jug was one of the featured lots in an auction organised by Alex Sobel MP. Well done to the new owner. The Corbyn Jugs do make excellent auction items, raffle prizes and tombola prizes at CLP Events.

ed miliband and corbyn jug

Ed Miliband and Corbyn Jug on

Great feature on featuring the wonderful Ed Miliband with the Oh Jeremy Corbyn Jug. click here to read the feature on

Corbyn Jug on BBC’s The Daily Politics

The Corbyn Jugs looking great on BBC’s The Daily Politics. At Labour’s conference, Corbyn-mania was everywhere including the shop where the party claimed there had been record-breaking sales of goods, such scarves, mugs, t-shirts, and shaving foam. And Conservatives are getting ready to sell Theresa May badges and Rees-Mogg mugs at […]